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Education Beyond Our Clinic: Introducing The Herbal Health Coach

The concept of The Herbal Health Coach is quite simple – it extends what we do at Kurrajong Natural Medicine Centre beyond the consultation and treatment environment. 

Consultations are somewhat limiting, in that there is a time limit for any one consultation. The problem with that is that many patients would like to know more, get a deeper understanding of their treatment and learn more about their body. Unfortunately, there is only so much that can be covered during a consultation.

The solution to this is The Herbal Health Coach. A website dedicated to public and patient education. There are two options: 

The Herbal Health Coach - Education

What Dose Education via The Herbal Health Coach Offer

  1. Free Membership: You can join as a member for free. All you have to do is sign up for Free Membership and you’ll receive our quarterly Health & Wellness Magazine, which contains articles about health and well-being. It is a Magazine really, rather than just a newsletter as such.

  2. You can also select to join as a VIP Member. But to start with, just select the Free Membership, as we have not fully worked out the other levels as yet. 

Over time, we will include workshops, courses and webinars that are designed to provide participants with in-depth information on a wide range of topics.

Courses in particular will be hands-on as much as possible and are aimed to provide practical skills and knowledge. We will provide videos that you can access to learn meditation and relaxation in order to help you deal with stress and maintain a healthy body/mind balance.

In addition, we have already provided videos you can access here. These include some guided relaxation videos, Qi Gong exercises, and others.

Over time we will add to these so you have a range of aids to help you relax and reduce any stress you’re experiencing. We hope these videos will be of benefit to many of you in order to help you maintain your mental and emotional health.

Who Is The Herbal Health Coach

Susan and Danny, as a husband-and-wife team, bring a unique and comprehensive approach to the field of alternative medicine. With over 70 years of collective experience, their expertise is not just rooted in extensive practice, but also in the depth of their collaborative endeavours. Over three decades of working side by side, they have refined their skills, blending their individual strengths and insights to offer a well-rounded perspective on health and wellness.

Their journey began as individual practitioners, each bringing their own set of skills and knowledge to the table. Susan specialised in a particular area of herbal medicine or traditional naturopathy, while Danny focused on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Over the years, their paths intertwined both personally and professionally, leading to a synergistic partnership that has been beneficial not only to their relationship but also to the quality of care they provide to their patients.

The Herbal Health Coach is their latest venture, born out of a desire to extend their reach beyond the confines of their practice. This platform is more than just a blog or a collection of articles; it’s a culmination of their lifelong dedication to holistic health and their belief in the power of alternative medicine. It’s designed to be a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in understanding their body and health from a holistic standpoint.

The content provided by The Herbal Health Coach is diverse, reflecting the breadth of Susan and Danny’s expertise. Readers can expect to find articles that delve into the intricacies of herbal remedies, explaining not just their uses but also the science and history behind them. There might be pieces that focus on how diet and nutrition play a crucial role in maintaining health, alongside insights into how alternative practices like acupuncture, yoga, or meditation can contribute to overall well-being.

Moreover, Susan and Danny’s approach is grounded in the belief that education is a key component of empowerment. By sharing their knowledge, they aim to empower their readers to make informed decisions about their health. This might include guidance on how to integrate alternative therapies into conventional treatment plans, or tips on lifestyle changes that can help prevent illness.

The Herbal Health Coach also serves as a platform for personal interaction. Susan and Danny understand the value of community and dialogue in the journey towards health. As such, they might offer Q&A sessions, webinars, or interactive workshops, providing a more personal touch and allowing readers to benefit from their wealth of experience in a more engaging and direct manner.

In summary, The Herbal Health Coach is more than just a source of information; it’s a gateway to a community led by two seasoned practitioners who are passionate about sharing their extensive knowledge and experience in alternative medicine. For anyone curious about holistic health, or seeking guidance on a more natural approach to wellness, Susan and Danny’s platform offers a wealth of information, backed by decades of practice and a deep commitment to helping others.

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