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Wildcrafted's Range of Therapeutic Herbal Creams

Healing Cream

Indications: For moderately severe wounds, burns and ulcers. Healing Cream relieves symptoms, prevents infection and stimulates rapid healing. Ingredients: Natural cream base, Allantoin, Symphytum officinale radix, Calendula officinalis, essential oil of Lavender, Vitamins…


Arnica Cream

Indications: For bruising and swelling. Arnica helps to rapidly clear bruising and swelling associated with trauma and injury, thus facilitating healing. Arnica can also prevent muscle soreness when used immediately following physical activity.…


Analgeze Cream

Indications: For relief of pain and other symptoms associated with sprains, strains and tears of muscles and ligaments. Analgeze Cream reduces swelling and inflammation, restores local circulation to the injured area and relieves…


AntiFungal Cream

The herbal extracts in Wildcrafted AntiFungal Cream are known to kill fungal and viral organisms, prevent secondary infection and stimulate wound healing and healthy skin function. Indications: For Fungal infections of the skin…


Calendula Cream

Indications: A safe and soothing cream for use on minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Also, suitable and safe for use to prevent and relieve nappy rash. Ingredients: Natural cream base, Calendula offcinale, essential…


Comfrey Plus

Indications: To relieve pain associated with traumatic injury to nerves, joints, bone, muscles and connective tissues and with post-operative trauma. Comfrey Plus also stimulates rapid healing. Ingredients: Natural cream base, Allantoin, Symphytum officinale…


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