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Wildcrafted's Therapeutic Herbal Compounds

Wildcrafted Herbal Products include a range of Therapeutic Herbal Compounds. 

Formulated and handmade by our Master Herbalist and medical Aromatherapist, Susan O’Neill-Siegenthaler, our range of compounds can easily be modified and tailored to your specific needs.

In order to purchase any of our therapeutic herbal compounds, you will need to phone our clinic or fill in our Virtual Herbalist form. 

Alternatively, you can make an appointment to consult with Susan in order to ensure you will get the right formulation for you.

Therapeutic Herbal Compounds in our Herbal Dispensary

Why Choose Wildcrafted's Therapeutic Herbal Compounds

The entire range of Wildcrafted’s herbal products was originally conceived and formulated by Susan O’Neill back in the 70’s. As a herbalist and traditional naturopath, Susan used her in-depth knowledge of herbal medicine and aromatherapy to formulate the skincare range, the therapeutic herbal creams and the therapeutic herbal compounds.

Over the past 4 decades Susan has continued to develop her range of products based on her patients’ needs. Many of her compounds have found their way to people in far-flung places who are not able to attend our clinic. For this reason we’ve developed the Virtual Herbalist. This allows people who cannot attend our clinic the opportunity to obtain our therapeutic herbal compounds.

The Virtual Herbalist Form is a prerequisite for obtaining any of our therapeutic products for two essential reasons.

Firstly, Australian laws mandate a consultation with individuals seeking to purchase products for health issues. This ensures compliance and alignment with regulatory requirements.

Secondly, while you may believe a specific therapeutic herbal compound is the one you require, a more suitable option might exist. Only a qualified herbalist possesses the expertise to accurately identify the most appropriate solution for addressing your health concerns.

Wildcrafted's List of Therapeutic Herbal Compounds Includes:

Some of the Compounds available include:

  • Sinus Compound
  • Immune Mix
  • Cough Mix #1
  • Cough Mix #2
  • BP Mix
  • Female Tonic
  • Digestive #1
  • Digestive #2
  • Digestive #3
  • and many more…
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What is a Therapeutic Herbal Compound?

Therapeutic herbal compounds are a fascinating blend of art and science, drawing on centuries of traditional knowledge while increasingly being explored and validated by modern research. They represent a holistic approach to health, aiming to treat the underlying imbalances rather than just symptoms.

In essence, the art and science of therapeutic herbal mixtures come together to provide a holistic and nuanced approach to healthcare. While traditional wisdom guides the formulation and application of these mixtures, scientific advancements contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of their mechanisms and effects. This combination allows for a balanced and informed approach to herbal healing.

Therapeutic herbal compounds involve combining different herbs to create a synergistic effect, where the combined action of the herbs enhances their individual properties. These compounds are formulated based on the principles of traditional medicine systems like Western herbal medicine, Ayurveda, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They can be tailored to address specific health conditions or to promote general well-being.

It is crucial that you consult with a qualified herbalist like Susan to ensure you receive the right herbal mixture for you and your specific health condition.

More About the Art & Science of Therapeutic Herbal Compounds


  1. Traditional Wisdom and Intuition:

    • Cultural Heritage: Many herbal mixtures have their roots in ancient cultural practices and traditional medicine systems. The formulation of these mixtures often involves the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of herbalists, healers, and communities.
    • Intuition and Observation: Traditional herbalists often rely on their intuition and keen observation of nature. The choice of herbs and their combinations may be influenced by factors such as the appearance of the plant, its habitat, and historical uses.

  2. Customisation and Personalisation:

    • Individualised Formulations: Herbalists often tailor their mixtures to individual needs. This personalised approach considers not only the specific health condition but also the unique constitution, lifestyle, and preferences of the person seeking treatment.
    • Holistic Perspective: Herbal mixtures are crafted with a holistic view of health, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying imbalances in the body, mind, and spirit.

  3. Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

    • Rituals and Traditions: The preparation and use of herbal mixtures may be embedded in cultural rituals and traditions. These rituals can enhance the therapeutic effect by incorporating elements of mindfulness, intention, and spiritual significance.
Herbal Medicine - Naturopathy


  1. Biochemical Interactions:

    • Active Compounds: Herbs contain various active compounds with specific biochemical properties. The science of herbalism involves understanding the pharmacology of these compounds and how they interact with the body at a molecular level.
    • Synergistic Effects: Scientific research explores how different compounds in herbs work together synergistically to enhance or modify their individual therapeutic effects.

  2. Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry:

    • Identification and Isolation: Modern science has advanced methods for identifying and isolating the active constituents in herbs. Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry contribute to a deeper understanding of the chemical composition of plants and their medicinal properties.

  3. Clinical Research:

    • Evidence-Based Practice: Contemporary herbalism is increasingly incorporating evidence-based practices. Clinical studies and trials help validate the efficacy and safety of herbal mixtures for specific health conditions.
    • Dosage and Standardization: Science contributes to determining optimal dosages, standardising herbal preparations, and ensuring quality control in the production of herbal mixtures.

  4. Herb-Drug Interactions:

    • Safety Considerations: Scientific research helps identify potential interactions between herbal compounds and pharmaceutical drugs, ensuring the safe use of herbal mixtures alongside conventional medical treatments.
    • Adverse Effects: Understanding the pharmacokinetics of herbs assists in recognising potential adverse effects and contraindications, contributing to the responsible use of herbal remedies.

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